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More than ten years ago I found Pastor John Hagee on television each Sunday morning. Over the course of a few weeks I took in pieces of his series on the Ten Commandments. I found his revivalistic fervor reminiscent of preachers from my childhood. His certainty paralleled assertions still ringing in the halls of my mind from those days.

One morning I tuned in to find Pastor Hagee turning his attention to prophecy and especially as it pertained to Israel. If his revivalism and certainty gave me a sense of the past, his aggressive posture on the subject of prophecy and Israel sealed the deal. I could only watch one more episode. Every so often, I would turn back to see if we moved back to working through the Scriptures only to find more of the same. I have not watched since.

Recently Pastor Hagee was in Oklahoma City. A friend of mine who may be too profane for some readers offers a great piece revealing the increasing marginalization of yet another once stalwart voice. Greg closes with,

Two things stood out that night: a defanged Hagee pretending he’s being cutting edge and rebellious for supporting Israel (is he aware of our nation’s foreign policy history vis-a-vis Israel?) and the four body guards on the platform. Yes, four body guards. So much for all that “to live is Christ, to die is gain” talk that Christians ostensibly believe. Apparently the God who orchestrated His chosen peoples’ re-emergence as a nation is incapable of orchestrating a peaceful night in south Oklahoma City.

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