David asked where the pic was of me with my new “bi-focals.” Yes, it had to come to that. Dr. Womack put me through the rigors of an exam. He calmly noted I had not had my eyes check in more than 12 years. It was time!

You likely have sat in one of those chairs. The machine with all the different optics. Then the clearly enunciated, “One or two, two or three, three or four.” Now you know when you get to options beyond two or three your eyes really need fine tuned. Seeing is much easier even if getting used to “no line” specs is not so much. But, Dr. Womack’s skill enabled me to see better than I have up close in a few years.

One nuance of the texts from the Revised Common Lectionary point out just how we help people to see. Rather than play to Judas’ (not Iscariot) question about exclusivity, Jesus drew Judas and all other disciples into participation in living out the love God has for the world – helping them to see. The distinction is clear – that is seeing is clear. Loving Jesus is inexorably linked to living his life of love in our own lives with and in the world.

Here are some thoughts? What are yours?

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