He’s Back . . . Fitch Returns to Blogging

Yes, I am back too. There is nothing like a few days in the Colorado mountains. We made a return trip with our youngest and her family since they did not make our July 4th trip. Great weather and a good time. We had a couple of friends who came along too.

I have a few posts swirling in my mind but catching up and moving forward may delay these. Here are a few ideas that may show yup, not in any particular order.

Aintsobad May Be So Bad or, a Response to My Mentor’s Categorization of Your Truly

* A Review of Phil Snider‘s, Preaching After God – Phil wrote to a particular group of homileticians that would not rightly include me but includes me. And, it may include you too – if you dare.

While you eagerly wait for these posts, head over and subscribe to David Fitch’s RSS feed. Dave has been on a blog sabbatical while completing work on a new book. His first provocative post of his return is here.

I am planning to meet Dave in real-time later this month at the Sentralized event in Kansas City. If you have not signed up to go, it is not too late. There are some other great practitioners who will be there. For me, I have hoped to share coffee with Dave since taking his online course at Northern Seminary, Readings In Postmodern Philosophy and Theology. Yes, you may blame him. Brad Brisco and Lance Ford have done a solid job of furthering the conversations around missional. You may want to check out Lance’s new book.

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2 comments on “He’s Back . . . Fitch Returns to Blogging

  1. Rick Davis says:

    I reported this morning you had been eaten by a Libertarian bear, thus explaining your odd silence.

    Imagine my disappointment.

    1. Well, we did see bears. I did not stop to ask their political affiliation. I aim to relieve your disappointment.

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