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Good conversation partners are hard to come by, especially when it comes to theology. Mark lived in Minco, just west of Tuttle. He pastored a small PCA church. Mark moved to St. Louis and we rarely connect. But, I do read his blog and keep track of his goings on. For some time he has touted Peter Leithart. He persuades me to buy another book. Here is a clip of a review he points to that is worth considering,

I just finished reading Against Christianity by Peter Leithart. In this book, Dr. Leithart contrasts compares and contrasts â??Christianityâ? and â??Christendom.â? Christianity is defined as â??a set of doctrines or a system of ideas.â? Unfortunately, as the good doctor points out, â??The Bible gives no hint that a Christian â??belief systemâ?? might be isolated from the life of the Church, subjected to a scientific or logical analysis, and have its truth compared with competing â??belief systems.â??â? Jesus didnâ??t come to propose a new philosophy, but rather to establish a new society, the Church. And the Church is not only a new society, but a new humanity, the beginning of the eschatological state of the human race. As Leithart writes, â??â?¦the Church presented herself not as another â??sectâ?? or cult that existed under the umbrella of the polis; she was an alternative governing body for the city and the beginning of a new city.â?

(Read the rest at: The Flying Inn: Against Christianity. via Mark)

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