How consistent will be be with this and to what loss …

Can’t leave this one alone, just yet. The Daily Oklahoman carried an article about the recent SBC vote on its relationship with the BWA.

?The time has come that the BWA is going in a separate direction,? Jordan said. ?Southern Baptists are going to continue their commitment to missions and evangelism and continue to partner with other like-minded Baptists.?

What other direction is the BWA going? What is meant exactly by a “leftward drift”? Who is drifting? Is it the entire Alliance or could it be a few members who now characterize the entire group as “liberal” and possessing a different agenda?

We do not mind partnering with others who don’t always think like we do. Take a look at our investment partners – the retirement program of the SBC cannot possibly solely invest in companies who hold our particular moral bent. We don’t invest in the big sin stocks – tobacco and alcohol and Walt Disney. But, a careful analysis would reveal companies whose buisness practices are sometimes inconsistent with our values.

How hard have we looked into investing in companies that offer benefits to same-sex partners? How hard have we looked into investing in companies that take advantage of third world labor markets keeping the poor poorer? How hard have we looked into companies led by those who share strikingly different worldviews than our own?

I don’t know the answer. I don’t necessarily suggest we explore these investment questions. I simply wonder in public (blog) how we maintain a consistency that suggests we cannot partner with the BWA because they are going a different direction but we maintain finacial relationships via our investments in companies that do not always hold our values.

Rick Warren will be speaking at the BWA Centenary Celebration in Birmingham, England. He suggests an ability to partner with any group sharing the gospel of Jesus, the Christ. Eveidently the pastor of the largest Baptist church in the world views his relationship with the BWA as worthy of his support. So on missional/evangelistic grounds did we do the right thing?

How can we be consistent?

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