If pushing the wrong button was not enough …

A couple of weeks ago while attempting to update my blog, I inadvertently deleted part of my “main index” template. The result was disastrous. I had to rebuild and am still needing to make some additional updates. In the meantime I began to experience some trouble with the HP Tablet PC TC1100. Patty and I arrived in Greensboro on last Sunday. Monday when I attempted to startup the Tablet PC I got an imminent hard drive failure message. Yes, she crashed.

Here I sit at home attempting to get hte Tablet back up to snuff. I have yet to blog my thoughts about the SBC, meeting Ed Stetzer and sharing the convention experience with Paul and Vera. I will eventually get to that. Right now my eyes are bleary from the process.

I leave for youth camp Monday morning. I will not need the Tablet. but, I do hope to have it up and going soon. Charlie told me that if I fail at it this evening, he would take care of it for me while I am gone. Great to know IT guys who know more than me.

Blessings on your Sunday … yours too Ed!

(My reference to Ed Stetzer will be explained in a subsequent post. But while you await that interesting exchange, keep looking back for a post about meeting Ed Stetzer,)

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3 comments on “If pushing the wrong button was not enough …

  1. says:

    Ok, I am soooo jealous!

    You have a PC Tablet?!?!?!

    That is not fair. :o)

    I hope you get it working soon.


  2. says:

    You met Ed Stetzer? Really? No way! 😉

  3. says:

    I’m currently strong arming your tablet. I picked it up last night should have it back in your office when you guys get back.

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