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I don’t normally listen to talk radio – left or right. Too often they seem to make the same mistakes. My friend Mike Devries offers the following,

Apparently Glen Beck is now urging people to leave their churches if their leaders begin to speak about social justice. [Seriously, I’m not making this up.] To make matters… ‘er… worse, he notes that the term “social justice” is really just a code word for Communism and Nazism.

He concludes,

My hope is that someone would help Beck nuance his thoughts and rhetoric a bit, as he seems to be quickly becoming the Pat Robertson of political punditry.

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4 comments on “I’m with Mike

  1. zac workun says:

    indeed todd the day this hit circulation a lot of my up”right” beckian friends were reticent to go outside… to be so bleak and blundering with his words… to write off a nuanced belief that is intrinsic to peoples of faith and not…. just a reminder that most people that talk too much, do so because they have so little to say…

    1. Zac,
      Love this line – “just a reminder that most people that talk to much, do so because they have little to say.”

  2. Steve A says:

    This reaction is like jumping from planting the first cotton in Virginia to shooting at that fort in Charleston harbor. Beck went through an entire presentation (or sermon) about how these oh-so-churchy-sounding sentiments CAN or COULD end up with some ongregations being led into downplaying their religious ethic in order to line up behind promoting a huge, overgrown government doing all the good things individuals are taught to do in Scripture.

    He traces Liberalism or Progressiveism to Woodrow Wilson’s father, a minister, for whatever that’s worth.

    This biased kind of reaction was hurled at Reagan, Martin Luther King, Jr., and both Roosevelts, for that matter, doing no favors either to the subject or the reporter. As always, Consider The Source.

    1. Steve,
      It is always good wisdom to consider the source. Expecting those times when said source seems to be gaining the kind of traction among people who would think said source is credible.

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