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Michael Spencer must be read. You may read him at Internet Monk as well as his contributions to the Boar’s Head Tavern. One of his recent entries at the BHT puts some recent happenings in the SBC into perspective and does so succinctly. I found his first point one of the best.

1. The SBC pays a guy named Ken Hemphill to run around the country talking about Kingdom Growth.
Hemphill is a great guy and his teaching is solid. His teaching also
emphasizes- over and over again- that the SBC isnâ??Ã?ôt the only
manifestation of the Kingdom of God. This emphasis on â??Ã?úKingdom
thinkingâ??Ã?ù and â??Ã?úbeing a Kingdom person/churchâ??Ã?ù is healthy. It also
plainly means that our Pentecostal brothers and sisters all over the
world- including millions in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe-
are part of the Holy Spiritâ??Ã?ôs work building the Kingdom.

So the SBC pays a high profile teacher to tell us that the Kingdom
is bigger than the SBCâ??Ã?¶meanwhile, Patterson and Company rule that an
African-American SBC pastor who speaks in tongues like millions of
other Christians is a heretic to be swatted.

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