In the SBC Is There Nothing New Under the Sun?

What a contrast between the vision cast on the platform of the SBC Annual meeting and the upcoming Symposium at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. If Ronnie Floyd worked hard to present the ethnic diversity within the Southern Baptist Convention, President Allen’s line up of speakers takes us back to when the SBC leadership reflected no diversity, except maybe based on what state a speaker was from.

Hasn’t B21 hosted a Panel Discussion for the past several years on issues facing the Southern Baptist Convention in the 21st Century? At least their panel included a young leader or two.

IMG_3912Maybe there is another reason most Southern Baptist leaders refuse an egalitarian vision of leadership. They would have to give the platform to those of color, those much younger, and those whose names do not carry the weight of marquee recognition.

If immigration is a 21st Century issue then where are the Mexican-American voices? If race continues to be a 21st Century issue then where are the African-American voices? We know the women’s voices will be in the kitchen. Allen has organized a Symposium for the 19th Century. Consider it “Back to the Future, Part 3, Theology Edition.”

Over the years young fellows have been criticized for creating networks wherein they speak at each other’s churches and events. Where do you think they learned such a practice? It will be on full display next week.

The title of the event is, Reflect, Renewal, and Recommitment. The only 21st century move is to livestream the event. Pardon me but this has all the makings of an echo chamber event. There are no new subjects. The program is little more than evidence the same people will be saying the same things they have said other places except maybe at Midwestern Seminary.

The Preacher of Ecclesiastes may have more to say about this event than to observe there is nothing new under the sun in the SBC.

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