Religion reporting is as fraught with peril as any other specialized field of journalism.

Pastors, at least seminary-trained pastors, learn to discern the genre of the text under consideration. Reading the Psalms? It is helpful to be aware of how Hebrew Poetry works. If we simply say it is poetry, we Americans may look for rhyme and meter. We won’t find it there. Reading Ezekiel or Revelation requires a different nose for interpretation than what is called for in the books of Samuel, Kings, or Chronicles. 

What happens when we pastors read articles covering religion and forget to consider whether the piece is a news story or an opinion piece? That answer: plenty.

Today’s edition of Patheological is apropos. If we cannot distinguish genres when we read English articles, then our communication is doomed. Worse, our reactions may betray Christian decorum.

Maina Mwaura joins me for a conversation on religion reporting, religion journalism, in the current cultural milieu.

I am trying to figure out when it got raw.

Maina Mwuara

We specifically discuss the changes that contribute to more tribalism not less and reveal more suspicion not less. You may be interested to hear Maina’s observations leading to the annual meeting of the SBC in Anaheim and the discussion over at least one potential Presidential candidate.

Maina Mwaura hails from Orlando, Florida, and is a graduate of Liberty University, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Communications. He also received his Masters of Divinity Degree from New Orleans Theological Seminary, in New Orleans, Louisiana. He has conducted over 300 interviews with some of Chrisitianity’s top leaders.

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