Lifting weights and following Jesus …

“I need a workout partner. Lifting weights alone is not only dangerous, but it is no fun either.” I remember these words about 8 years ago. I met Steve after Tracy worshipped with us one July Sunday. Never thinking we’d show up, Steve expressed surprise as we leaned on the hood one Monday evening. Within a few months this body that never lifted weights with any regularity was working out three times a week.

I gave only one condition. We would read from the bible so we’d have something to talk about as we worked out. We wanted to explore the relationship between life and faith.

Time passed. Steve expressed faith in Jesus, the King. He teaches a Bible Study class. A couple later came and expressed faith in Christ. We baptized them. Their connection with our church – Steve and his love for “Disc Golf.”

Things changed. Time to work out waned. Steve left working for himself to work for a large furniture store. We have talked about getting together for lunch for some time. Today was the day.

We enjoyed “catching up.” There have been some difficult circumstances for Steve and his family. Yet, the one thing I left inspired by – Steve keeps plodding as he follows Jesus. Not perfect – trying. We discussed the lost art of authenticity. We do not like struggling with life and faith and so we give off a lot of pretensions. There are few if any pretensions with Steve.

I read my friend Rick’s blog today. He talks about evangelism. Very insightful. Take a read – “Well Packaged.”

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