Lyle Reminds Us How We May Inadvertently Hurt Others

Growing up we all heard the limerick, “Sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you.” I am not sure there is not a greater lie foisted on people, especially children. The childhood jingle does more to ignore the ways words used by those around us often shape our self-perceptions. These words make abuse easier. These words may marginalization simple.

Lyle points out in this post how we may not know when we hurt folks. But, tucked in his reflections is the reality,

Sometimes when we offend we think it is ok since we didn’t mean any harm. But harm was still inflicted, pain still felt.

Our inattentiveness to the pain of others and our need to feel exonerated no matter what we say collide and no one wins. Here is Lyle’s post. One could suggest this post is as timely today as when it was written. Especially given the way very popular religious folks have tossed around words about others.

Here is Lyle’s post,

MONDAY, MAY 24, 2004

But I Didn’t Mean To

When we offend someone unintentionally is that a sin? Can we sin and not know that we have sinned?

We hurt people all the time and don’t know it. But isn’t the end result the same, they end up hurt? Sometimes when we offend we think it is ok since we didn’t mean any harm. But harm was still inflicted, pain still felt. How does God view these situations? God is certainly far more forgiving towards us than many of the people we interact with daily.

But can we plead ignorance even to God when we hurt Him or displease Him, unintentionally? I believe at some point God expects more of us than He did the day we first believed. What that would look like in our lives would be interesting to see, put into practice. Spiritual Growth. We don’t expect our children to stay in diapers forever, why do we think God expects less of us?

What this has to do with Divine Conspiracy I don’t know, but I bet it can tie in somewhere.



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