Lyle Was No Luddite . . . Or Yes, He Would Have Joined Facebook

You guessed it. That is the fire truck Lyle used to fight fires in Oklahoma City. Nope. It is an antique. A person who would still use a horse drawn “fire truck” in the U.S. in the 21st century would surely qualify as a luddite.

Natalie commented on an earlier post about her Dad wondering if Lyle would have a Facebook account or alert the world to his thoughts via Twitter. The answer – Yes. How do I know. Well it is a matter of deduction.

Tuttle still provides rural charms and feel yet its proximity to just about anything we would want to do is something of a best of both worlds. There is one glaring deficiency if you live within the Tuttle City limits and outside of ATT’s inner DSL loop – high speed internet choices. Yes, we routinely watch planes take off and land from Will Rogers World Airport, but taking off and landing on the super-highway of world wide web technology is another matter.

Back to Lyle. In  a very brief post titled, Dinsaur No More, he hinted at how he might respond to advances in technology which would surely include Facebook and Twitter among others.

I guess I’ll be like everyone else and post about my new DSL hookup……….Wow.

It took me a while, a few years, to break down and get it. It is almost too much, I can watch a video while I post. Don’t they call that sensory overload? Since my internet connection has sped up, I hope the rest of my life will slow down a bit. I’ve been way too busy to post and the only reason I am now is because I can’t sleep.

DSL or high speed does satisfy our need for instant gratification. Like microwaves, pay for view movies, cell phones, drive thru windows and consumer Christianity. (once saved always saved, glad I got that over with)



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