Maiden Voyage … Starbury’s in play …

Starbury_1Friday morning I donned my new kicks and set out to see just how my new Starbury’s would measure up with my Nike’s. Historically I am hard on shoes. In the days when I was playing several times a week, I needed a new pair each year. Over the years I learned Nike offered a shoe friendlier to those will lower arches. I wondered just how these new shoes would affect my feet. I battle something like tendinitis, there is a fancier name  for it, in my heels. Nike’s for basketball and Crocs for all other occasions meant less pain for me. Until I met "Starbury."

The guys were impressed with their looks. At least one fellow had read my blog who plays each week and was curious. I like light shoes. These new treads fit the bill. The fit was comfortable. They are cut a bit higher than my Nike’s which may help with my ankles. Years of twisting them makes them susceptible each time I hit the floor. (I am certain my brothers would be more inclined to describe my malady as a matter of age but this I would flatly deny.)

After our hour long series of early morning games (5:30 a.m. – 6:30 a.m.) my feet felt fine. I played well. I teased the guys that it must be the shoes. I remember the old shoe commercials touting the ability to run faster and jump higher.  I may have increased my speed one tenth of a second and my vertical by a quarter inch!

Saturday I laced them back up for our first league game. We did not win but it had nothing to do with shoes. More to do with fundamentals. Some of us will be practicing our layups all week in preparation for play this coming Saturday. The real test would be how quickly the feet would rebound in the new shoes. Everything was just fine. I am ready to go today, if necessary.

My endorsement of the Starbury will not likely have much impact on shoe sales for Mr. Marbury. I still contend the best buy on the market today is at Steve and Barry’s in Crossroads Mall where you can get your own pair of Starbury’s for just a little more than $16 (includes tax). Not only do you get a good shoe but you avoid the sticker shock normally accompanying the most popular shoes. The money you may have spent could go to any number of great causes. Not too late to get yours for Christmas.

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