Manipulaitng to a mutually exclusive position rending dissent unspiritual …

My friend Kent sent me another response to the previously mentioned resolution to the SBC in June. Here is a typical ploy –

Unfortunately, this matter will be responded to by most people with emotion more than reason, with pragmatism more than principle. This is the consequence of the loss of a Biblical worldview in a society. We simply don’t reason from Truth any longer.

Make a statement like this and you can only agree. Otherwise you acknowledge you no longer have a biblical worldview. So, any of us who would appeal to the Incarnation as a model for being “in the world” would now be considered to reason from something other than the truth.

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2 comments on “Manipulaitng to a mutually exclusive position rending dissent unspiritual …

  1. Anonymous says:

    Todd, My study group is a group of pastors and some staff who come together once a month. We have a two hour substantive get-together and then have lunch. I started off paying for lunch but then they started repaying me. So now it costs nothing. I like nothing better than something.

    This month I have a rabbi friend coming to talk about orthodox Jewish theology. He is a fine fellow. I hope he can help us and we can love on him. He is a good guy.

    See ya,


  2. says:

    Todd, where did you get this quote? I did a search on Nehimiah Project and came up with a lot of hits, but none that I could tell had anything related to the resolution.

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