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We just returned from a field trip; we went to the movies. Recommending movies can be a precarious undertaking. For example, I would recommend “Big Fish” to a maturer audience. Some who have seen it may be scratching their heads at this point. But, a couple of scenes where we see some breif female nudity, albeit faint and not necessarily sensuous – much like intros to old James Bond movies – would be enough for some. There is also the back side of Danny Devito that is far less inspiriing but again may be too much for others. Yet, the movie has some great connections to “storytelling” and the idea of a “big story” or “mega-story.” There are some great teaching points about how to help people connect to the “big story” of God and to see that really everyone is in God’s big story. I would love to dialogue about that one either in comments or by e-mail.

The real reason for this post is the movie we saw today – “The Village.” For those who find trouble locating a movie without gratuitous language, you will find not one “cuss” word.” There is a great deal of suspense and some “jump” in your seat scenes. Violence is implied but we are spared the process; we’re just given the results.

For me it holds out illustrations of what happens when you coerce by guilt and fear. You might refer to aintsobad’s post on Nat Tracy. I would love to dialogue about this one too either in comments or e-mail.

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    Remember 9/11 when people lined up at gas stations for fear there would be no more fuel? What were they thinking, that one tank full would last them forever? The only real thing it accomplished was that it allowed some unscrupulous station owners an opportunity to price gouge.

    My point is that fear cause us to act irrationally, and I know you are making a slightly different point . But yet when fear is the motivator for many things, they never turn out as well as when there are other motivators.

    For one, fear can pass. If fear keeps you going to church, as time passes you get more comfortable in your life and if that was what kept you in church, then it will cease to motivate. Or if guilt keeps you coming to church, eventually you will realize you can never be good enough and possibly give up. But if you rely on Grace then you can be free from the hold of guilt and fear and freely express your love for God, by showing love to others. Aren’t we being a little self centered (when you really break it down), when we are afraid or guilty? If that is true then aren’t fear mongers really playing on our selfishness?

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    Well said! Thanks for pushing further on the issue of fear as a motivator. I am going to copy and use this one as a post. You should put this on your blog!

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