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We met the Garner’s almost three years ago. We sat in the NICU at OU Medical. Kam and Cohen both were born premature. After about four weeks you feel like family. Not everyone who waited there shares our story. The obstacles to many born early are insurmountable. But, we all prayed for, pulled for, cheered for, and hoped for the day when not only would we all go home but we would reach those critical milestones safely.


Cohen (Left) and Max (Right)

Two pounds, three ounces is quite small. Without a team of nurses and an atmosphere that encouraged constant interaction, many prayers, many of those wee little ones would not know someone was in their corner. We recently learned that one of those we shared the waiting room with lost that battle to survive. One wonders how it is that some people actually believe there should be legislation and cultural acceptance to shorten the opportunities at life for infants. Until a number of months ago I was unaware.

Michael Bird posted a piece on his blog that noted how aware we need to be to the subtleties and shifts in opinions that one day hit the scene with such a force it is hard to know where and how to offer an alternative vision and feel successful. He noted the reality there are groups hoping to make infanticide a legal practice. Instead of waiting on these groups to quietly influence the medical and legislative communities around the world, Michael responded to a query by Marty Duren and a project was born.

RememberAshkelon_P30_bhProtecting Infants was born of email exchanges and the blog Remembering Ashkelon recently launched on the Patheos network. Read here for the reference to Ashkelon. We hope to add more contributors and resources. If you have suggestions email us. Visit the site regularly as we are in the early stages of development. Let’s work to value life, especially the life of infants.

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