New venture … Podcasting “Meditations from The Hill” …

One of our young men once asked if I had ever thought about offering a “podcast.” The thought crossed my mind but I figured it to be a big deal. I found an online tutorial and free software so I am going to give it a go. I am using Audacity. While it may take some time to develop my skills, I hope this will be a way to offer mediations on the Lectionary Texts for the coming week. I admit to uncertainty as to how to include the podcast link in this blog, but here
it goes.

 Click here.

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5 comments on “New venture … Podcasting “Meditations from The Hill” …

  1. says:

    This is great! I’ve been waiting for you to do a podcast. Our teachers at work will be offering these to students starting this fall. Thinking of a name, first one that came to mind was “Todd Pod” not sure I like it but it was the first to my mind. Audio quality was amazing as well. Looking forward to more.

  2. says:

    Sweet. And I like the “Todd Pod” idea. Sounds much better than a “Paul Pod.”

  3. says:

    Oh, I just remembered this one from the old memory bank: “Toddy poddy, siskoom-body.”

  4. Anonymous says:

    Todd. I like it. I’ve done a couple pod casts with my litle boy for the family our there in internet land. My MAC makes it ridiculously easy. Look forward to listening in. I may have to try something like this with our youth website. I think they would like it. This technology is taking us weird places.

  5. says:

    Thanks for the feedback. I laughed hard over the “Todd Pod” and Paul’s blast from the past line from Bobby Shores. Tim, I do think technology is taking us weird places. I do like the possibilities to extend the feel of one’s community. Not sure it creates anything deeper for the community but it may extend the reach a bit. I think it is Shane Hipps new book that talks about the way we extend oursevles through technology. There is a caution that it truncates who we really are as we seek to define ourselves through these kinds of medium. I am going to have to get Shane’s book and think through his contentions.

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