Peace – An Advent Reflection

Oh for the day when peace will come to young girls like the one who wrote to “Dear Abby” published in today’s Daily Oklahoman. Seems as though some “jocks” do not get enough gratification out of their favorite sports, they must make sport of picking on a young 13 year-old girl.Being the father of two girls, this infuriates me.

Jeanne Phillips response noted the sneakiness of those who will act in this way out of “ear shot” of adults. But, when these boys press the bullying to physical contact, someone must step in.

I have mulled this over for a bit today as I think about the Advent candle we will light tomorrow. The candle of peace must mark more than just the longing for the day when all will be at peace. Jesus followers must work for the peace of all so the presence of Jesus becomes a real experience now. The notion of an eternity of peace may have some approximation in our present actions driving people to look for relationship with Jesus, who brings peace.

Too many in our world are at the breaking point and cannot find peace. We were horrified this week as a young adolescent took the lives of nine people. Reports indicate he too missed a great deal of peace in his life. What could we bring to the world in keeping with, “Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace among people?” The coming of Jesus marks the purposeful reality and hopefulness in peace within and without.

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