Performing Contradictions

Rarely a day goes by where a post on social media characterizes the only available actions to thwart ISIS is to bomb them off the planet. Christians re-post this with regularity. It is performing a contradiction.

It is hard not to see from where this contradictory performance arises. Read those same social media sites and you will find Christians spewing vitriol about anyone with whom they disagree, self-righteously of course. It is performing a contradiction.

What we approve of in national politics we practice in our personal relationships. It is a good thing we do not control our own drones from the safety of our garages. One wonders what the carnage would look like.

Many claim the solution is to reclaim America to some mythical Christian vision. It is as if none of us could pass AP History. America’s problem is not one of belief. It is not a problem of confidence. The problem is a matter of what sort of people we will be.

Gone are the days where people who observe Christians performing contradictions will give passes to the living lie. Rooting out the problem is not a matter of correcting errant beliefs. Putting an end to these episodes is not a matter of dislocated confidence.

What would make for an end to performing contradictions? Take up the occasion of life to actually live out the Way of Jesus in the world. Don’t lay claim to believe what Jesus did and then do something different. Don’t purport to have confidence in the exemplary life of Jesus only to fail in your own example.

The matter is really one of determination. That is, a determined intention to live Jesus’ Way without default. Soon you will read his story and realize that what made him attractive was not what he believed or how confident he was. What mattered was the sort of person he was.

Let’s, those of us who claim Jesus, stop performing contradictions and determine what matters most is what sort of people we will be.

This article appeared in the most recent edition of the Tuttle times.

Reference to Performing Contradictions was taken from David Fitch’s Facebook Post. The subject may also be found in his book, The End of Evangelicalism.

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