Pitts on the Stupidification of America

One writer you should have in your news reader is Leonard Pitts Jr. I have been behind reading his articles but recently read his thoughts about the increasing loss of analytical skills demonstrated by those who posses knowledge or learn something new. Interestingly he wrote about the recent primary elections here in Oklahoma, particularly Oklahoma County. When you read this piece notice the difference between ignorance and stupidity. What do you think?

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  1. Charlie says:

    Thankfully, the voters of Oklahoma county were not ignorant to the facts of who Mr Rinehart is or what he represents. I’ve often marveled at how this one man could single handidly make an a$$ of him self in so many ways while in the public eye. It was as if he went in and his guns were blazing. Sad thing is he wasn’t going in blazing for the right or even common sense causes. I guess he had nothing to do for four years. I watched the results for the elections tuesday night I believe he came in a distant 3rd, I just hope there were not 4 candidates…how would you like to come in behind Rinehart?

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