Poison for Pain …

My parents own a cabin at a private lake west of Oklahoma City. We grew up “going to the lake” Friday evenings through Saturday during the spring and summer months. Unless it was Memorial Day, Labor Day or another holiday, we were home for worship on Sundays. Early on we learned to be on the lookout for Copperheads – poisonous snakes. We kept our eyes open as we rode motorcycles and hiked. We scoured the landscape as we walked to the swimming hole or to fish. Poison strikes fear, especially in youngsters.

Today I read where the poison taken from a sea snail may be helfpul for those facing pain from cancer and AIDS. An inset carries the headline, “Venom as elixir.” Talk about turning things upside down – poison for pain!

Isn’t it interesting how many things get turned upside down. I think of Jesus’ phrase repeated in the Sermon on the Mount, “You have heard it said, but I say to you …” He turned conventional wisdom and popular notions upside down. Life with Jesus is an experience in an upside down life being the right side up way to live.

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    Daddy I liked this one I love you lots!!

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