Paul noted the tone toward bloggers at some recent meetings among Southern Baptists in Texas. Regardless of what one thinks of the role of the Internet in denominational "goings on" one cannot but think what kind of constructive ways the medium may be used to foster cooperation for the Kingdom.

My daughter is taking a college government class during this her senior year in high school – yes, her father (me) bemoans the typing of that last sentence (I want to say something like, "Say it ain’t so!). We were studying for a test this past week together. One of the questions asked what year was it when the Internet was used for political campaigns. The correct answer was 1996. Another question asked how much money John McCain raised via the Internet for his campaign. I think the answer was about $5 million. Many could argue the value of the Internet in politics and religion, but since we cannot separate the two on some levels, it is nice someone is thinking forwardly on ways this medium might overcome the Byzantine institutionalism that often gets in the way of the intended goal. (Yes, the reference to Byzantine institutionalism comes from a comment Dr. Paige Patterson made about the BWA in Spain a number of years ago.)

So, it is little wonder I have interest in what Dr. Davis is thinking over at aintsobad. Go take a read and let me know what you think.

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