Preparing for Darfur Sunday … November 19

I picked up a copy of Newsweek. The front piece indicates the periodical will contain articles about, "The Politics of Jesus." I have read several of the articles and found it well noted some of we who are younger and may well be considered "evangelical" (though many Baptists, and Southern Baptists deny the label) are interested in a broader understanding of ethics in our world. If we can lay claim to value the "Sanctity of Human Life" but weigh in way late on the genocide in Darfur or the slave trade going on around the world, our message falls on deaf ears.

With that in mind, we are gearing up to spend some time thinking about the ethics of Jesus and our call to stand for the weak, the poor and the outcast in conjunction with Darfur Sunday, November 19. The idea we can be "thankful" while those in other parts of the world suffer is difficult. Watch the following and pay careful attention to the song being played. Maybe we will find some bravery.

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