Putting the emphasis back into the story …

Growing up reading Aesop’s Fables, led me to analytically read stories for the “moral.” The story was easy to dispense with once I knew the moral of the story. Years of college and seminary helped solidify this approach to the Scriptures. While there is little doubt a person could draw somem conclusions from the story read, would it lead the reader to dispense with the story once the “truth” claim had been unearthed? If the goal is the truth claim, then is the veracity of the story a first order issue? Or, do we conclude that since the story was found in the Scriptures it elevates the truth claim. The intent is to stir us to consider how to encourage reading the Scriptures while being held captive to the Spirit of God so we might understand the work of God in the past with an understanding how he may work/lead/teach us in the present and on into the future.

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