Remaining Diligent … Flip-Flop goes the Dictator

darfur.jpgKeeping an eye on children is a full-time job. Take your eyes off an exploring child and soon he will test the limits of the rope you give. On August 1 the AP ran the story, “U.N. seeks misery’s end in Darfur.” (The article may be found here under the title, “Sudan Hails Peacekeepers.”) Many who have followed the tragedy in the Sudan held their collective breath as hints at a breakthrough raised hopes before only to be dashed. Some may have even gone so far as to suggest we could now focus on another world issue.

I wear a green wristband which carries the reminder, “Not On Our Watch.” Just when you let down your guard a leader may change his stance. It appears President Omar al-Bashir would prefer to pick the composition of the force to help end the bloodshed.  Now when you are charged with aiding and possibly funding the janjaweek militias, who would not question the commitment to peace when we now interject the need to “choose” our forces. This in no way questions the commitments being received from other African nations. Instead it appears the child may be looking for a way to move just out of sight so he may continue to stretch the limites. In this case it is not child’s play. It is a matter of life and death.

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