Response to J.D. Greear … UPDATE

J.D. left a comment on my post, “My apology … Count me in … Memphis on my mind …”. I left a reply offering an e-mail dialogue. I attempted to call J.D. yesterday but he was unavailable. I do not believe J.D. is avoiding me or the issue. We are both busy and some days we have more time than others to attend to these kinds of things. J.D. is a sharp young man and as I have noted before very hospitable. I also noted in my reply to J.D. I was glad he would be nominated as a V.P. in Greensboro.

I thought I would offer my reply for my readers. J.D. asked if I thought the SBC withdrawal from the BWA represented a,

“way of getting back at the CBF. The implication is you thought it was kind of a catty, childish response.”

I am not sure I would have used these words but J.D. indeed expressed my sentiment.

He also asked in what I mistakenly thought was a duplicate comment,

“What would make you say that?”

J.D. may remember the conversation in which the following statements were made [These comments were NOT made by J.D. Greear.]

“If they are in, we are out.”


“You don’t know what they have done to some of us.”

These two statements represent “to me” a vindictive motivation. That may well communicate a catty and childish behavior.

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