Seeing friends …

Denominational Conventions serve different purposes for different people. There are those who attend in order to demonstrate support. Others attend in hopes of a nomination to an office – repeatedly. Nearly everyone attends to renew old friendships. This year was no differrent. I had not seen Randy and share a meal in quite some time. It had been almost a year since sharing fellowship with Jeff. However, I had no idea David would be in attendance.

David is a missionary in Turkey. We have not seen each other in at least ten years. We spent a year in seminary together and then ran into one another at another seminary a year or so later. I finished with Seminary officially eleven years ago. I hope to take a mission trip to share the gospel as David does to a surprisingly receptive people. A people who have told him, “We need 1000’s of Jesus’ in our country.”

What a statement? You know, we could use 1000’s of Jesus’ in our Country. Would be good if we would do a better job of emulation so he can be seen.

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    speaking of seeing friends, great to see you and your team this week. thanks for the opportunity to fellowship with you and have you stir some great stuff in my heart. you always challenge me and move me to new levels of knowing Him.

    Thank God for your word to OK pastors on Monday. I know many will not be able to take the journey, but for those who do, it will be worth the cost for them, and worth the investment for you!


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    How could I have left off my Arizona connection! Great to share a meal, in every sense of the word – food and spirit. You can Scott were a blessing to us and we were honored to get some of your time. Blessings for the journey.


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