Some thoughts on America by Davis …

My friend Rick over at “aintsobad” penned these thoughts on America.

America’s Greatness
What makes America great?

The rule of law makes America great. Next year we will change administration’s in the White House. We will either go to the second Bush administration or the Kerry administration or someone. There will not be a bloody war in the streets. The military will not seize power. Elections will be held, bitterly contested, names will be called, skeletons will be removed from every closet. Then the newly elected will take office. The country will get on with its business.

The anglo-protestant ethic makes America great. I did not say anglo-protestant people but the vital life force that makes us a nation able to evolve is what I mean. Islam has not evolved. Buddhism does not change, not does Taoism or any of the other -isms. The anglo-protestant ethic of choice and change (repentance and sanctification) makes us a people able to say we were very wrong about slavery, even more wrong about segregation and a hundred other social ills once accepted as normal. The anglo-protestant ethos makes America alone among the nations of the world that can have a mid-course correction without totally tearing itself apart.

Our cock-eyed optimism makes America great. We really believe that tomorrow can be better than today. We actually know that each of us has a part to play in making tomorrow better than today. Dear friends, you and I want to leave a better world than we find. We want cleaner air, better water, affordable health care and the rule of law for all people. Where we can we let the free market make things better. Where the free market does not apply (mostly to lower and middle class issues) we invent government to make life better. When government exceeds its mandate, we have elections to impose term limits. Our optimism makes American great.

God bless the United States of America.

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