Starbury and the Midpoint of the Season …

Starbury_2Yesterday’s edition of the USA Today offered an update on Stephon Marbury’s shoe project.

Not only did the New York Nicks guard lace up his signature sneaker, the Starbury One, which sells for $14.98, in the first 48 games he played, he debuted his latest pair – the Starbury Team – Tuesday night against the Los Angeles Clippers.

My pair is holding up just fine at the midpoint of our local league. I read one reviewer suggest after wearing these your feet would be hurting due to the cutbacks in normal features. This caught my attention as my feet hurt with regularity. The problem is not shoes but age. In fact a couple of summers ago I thought I would need surgery for the chronic pain. My wife suggested a pair of Crocs. Now unless I am in a suit or on a basketball court, I wear my Crocs. Summer. Fall. Winter. Spring. I notice little difference in the pain I experience after playing in my Starbury’s as I did in my Nike’s.

Don’t take my word for it. Go out and get a pair. The Starbury One. The Starbury Team. The Starbury II. At $14.98 you be the judge.

I do not receive any kudos for promoting the Starbury on my blog. This post is not monetized because I mention the shoes with favor. My original reason for the Starbury purchase centered around what I recently heard referred to as, "ethical buying." Why pay $100 or more for a pair of shoes if I can save nearly $85 with a shoe that does the job; tested under the rigors of guard play in the NBA. Parents you will not need to pay inflated prices for a good shoe. Spend the difference on other children’s needs. And, if you are an adult who plays, find something good to do with what you save. Apply it to your credit card debt. Send the money to World Vision for a needy region in the world. Give the money to your church for use in local community ministries. Do something other than line the pockets of already wealthy shoe companies.

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