Stetzer … (he types in the title in obvious need of web traffic :)) …

Last night Paul and I walked through the Marriott River Center on our way back to slumming it in the Holiday Inn Riverwalk – not so much. Some rent suites for the convention, some rent rooms. In the Lobby we noticed Ed Stetzer (he types just knowing Ed’s secretary will Google Ed’s name for any convention blogging material) talking with Jerry Vines and Johnny Hunt. Try as we might to distract Ed he remained focused and intent on receiving compliments about his book, Breaking the Missional Code. By the way I am glad Ed wrote this book – my copy is in the “To be read” stack in the office. I do wish some would read on the subject more widely as many who are not Southern Baptist have written well on “missional.”

We took in just a few moments with Ed as he had a friend (co-worker at Lifeway) to visit with. Ed Stetzer is a funny man – not so much. I discovered he maintains a bloglines subscription for the blog feeds he reads. He noted I did not make his list. I suspect it is that I do not Stetzerize my blog – not so much unless I feel the need for more traffic. Rather than be crushed by this news, I press on to blog. I really do care that Ed Stetzer does not read my blog – not so much.

What I do care about is how Ed Stetzer gets characterized by virtue of his associations. He took it on the chin for working with the Acts 29 Network. Stetzer does not mind noting his convictions he simply points out he also possesses the conviction he need not bind others to his conscience. Sure wish this would catch on.

I could go on and on about Ed Stetzer – not so much. We will share a meal and listen in to a panel discussion and then later hear he and Bob Roberts. Now hearing Ed again excites me – not so much. On the other hand, Bob Roberts is worth staying up late for.

Post Analysis
Ed Stetzer or variation used – 12 times
Ed’s favorite humorous line “not so much” used – 6 times
Traffic driven to my blog using Stetzer – to be determined

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2 comments on “Stetzer … (he types in the title in obvious need of web traffic :)) …

  1. says:

    I notice the same thing…put Stetzer on my blog and I immediately see an increase in traffic. Of course, the same can be said of Paige Patterson, so I wonder what that means…

  2. says:

    I noticed the same about a number of popular bloggers and high profile people in the SBC. The things it could mean (not exhaustive) –

    1. People are looking for dirt/negative comments.
    2. People are looking for cudos/positive comments.
    3. People realize some have thoughts worth paying attention to and so blog to see who is reporting on talks/presentations.

    I personally hope it is 3. We spend way too much time acting like tabloid media and not enough time digging for the good stuff that comes with Al Gore’s Internet. 🙂

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