It may not have been silent … but it was “holy”

I have offered a podcast and a video reflecting on the Christmas Hymn/Carol, “Silent Night.” In light of the upcoming fourth Sunday of Advent and the celebration of the Incarnation, I am glad to agree it was a “holy night.”


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(Not) Silent Night … A Video Reflection

Silent Night, considered the most popular Christmas “hymn” or “carol,” spurred a video reflection we used in our Christmas/Advent presentation of, “It’s (Not) Beginning to Look alot Like Christmas.” Brad posted the video on our You Tube channel. I post it here for your own reflections and … Continue reading

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Road Building – Thoughts from the Edge

Thinking about John, the “forerunner” to Jesus left me thinking about “road building.” Preparing the way for Jesus brings great opportunity as well as requiring a bit of work. Here is an Advent Reflection on John.… Continue reading

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What About Advent?

We are posting our Advent 2008 with Snow Hill Baptist Church journal over at the Snow Hill website. As an introduction I wrote the following piece. Click over and follow Advent with us.

What of Advent?

In the late summer of 1986 we accepted our first staff … Continue reading

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