As Good As It Gets

Jack Nicholson looks across the table at Helen Hunt and agonizes to make a compliment. It is not hat he does not have one to give. He does. But, his character, Melvin, suffers a terrible misanthropic streak. He expresses disdain for nearly all human beings until he meets her, … Continue reading

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You’re My Best Friend – 29/33

John Deacon wrote the lyrics to Queen’s, “You’re My Best Friend.” Freddie may have received the attention for his voice and long hair, but Veronica was in John’s mind as he wrote the words. This was the music of our day. That is, the days when … Continue reading

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Seven Years! – Congratulations Craig and Kimberly

You never know what life might be like seven years later. Seven years ago this evening, we formally gained a son.

I remember feverishly working to get our new building at Snow Hill ready for the wedding. Lighting. Sound. Chairs. As with any normal parents, we wanted things to … Continue reading

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Love Wins . . . And Continues to Win

Love has been in the news. Today we make some news of our own. Twenty-eight years ago to the day, Patty and I stood and expressed our love in two words, “I do.”

These years later we have filled out the meaning of those two words in ways we … Continue reading

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They Are Gold(en) – Happy 50th Mom and Dad

My pastor growing up, Bro. Justice, once remarked to my brother Paul and I, “You have a great heritage.” He knew my grandparents – paternal and maternal. He also knew my parents. He was right then, and though he is now gone, he is right today.

Fifty years ago … Continue reading

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