Vision of Hope

We rarely accept that buildings sit empty for twenty or more years. Even more, we would be appalled at the prospect of a building meant to provide wellness and health sitting vacant. But that is the case with a small cinder block building sitting at the top of this … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – Steps In Perspective

John and I found a little coffee shop in Antigua. The ambiance made for great conversations. We reflected on our time in San Cristobal. I thought about the ways in which the Good News of Jesus was being lived out through the work of ASOSAP. I don’t know … Continue reading

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Friday Photo – Village View

We stood nearly breathless. Not from the altitude. It was the view. When we consider what we have and don’t have, not many of us look our across the way and take in a vista like this. Beauty.

Bill, Consuelo, and Dolores took us to the village about which … Continue reading

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