Louisiana College – More Wagging the Dog

Liberals do what liberals do. Fundamentalists do what fundamentalists do. These are givens. And, the reason they do what they do lies in their commitment to their own givens – their own framework for understanding and articulating the way the world works. This shows up in politics and religion. … Continue reading

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Some Interesting Huffington Post Reads

Here are three posts I found compelling over the past week while taking a break from writing here. What are your thoughts? And please, let’s discuss the content of the article and not our opinions about the authors.

The Debacle that is the movie version of The Hobbit

The Continue reading

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The HCSB Study Bible, Holman Christian Standard Bible – God’s Word for Life, A Brief Review

I received a copy of the Holman Christian Standard Study Bible for review from Lifeway. The copy did not arrive in time to promote a Black Friday purchase. It barely reached my house soon enough for a Cyber Monday nod. Personally I am not a fan of either day.Continue reading

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Thumping Me With Your Bible

I carried mine to school. After all, it was one of my textbooks. Brother C, we called him, taught Bible History at Northwest Classen High School. In Cotton Patch Bible style, Bro. C would use imagery from the popular, if not scandalous, world of Championship Wrestling to amplify … Continue reading

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Amidst Recent Claims of Misreading the Bible . . .

Scot McKnight would enjoy my day today. Wind and weather in the Windy City. Here in flyover country it will be unseasonably warm with light winds. All that to say, Scot might be tempted to a round of golf were he here. And, I’d pay.

We are on our … Continue reading

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