Here are three posts I found compelling over the past week while taking a break from writing here. What are your thoughts? And please, let’s discuss the content of the article and not our opinions about the authors.

The Debacle that is the movie version of The Hobbit

The Bible Is Man-Made: Why Patriarchy Still Reigns

Where Was God In Newtown

If you are new here, I often point to challenging pieces related to life and faith as they often challenge my own assumptions. Links are not endorsements, though I may agree with all or part of pieces to which I point. Discussion is intended to get beneath our knee-jerk responses to either a title or a given author.

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2 comments on “Some Interesting Huffington Post Reads

  1. David Tuten says:

    I\’m afraid I couldn\’t disagree more with Schaefer\’s take on the Hobbit movie. The actual storyline of the book is followed much more closely than the trilogy movies did, and the interwoven additional material is both 1) legitimately Tolkien, and 2) much more adeptly handled than I expected. I liked the treatment of Radagast – a nicely balanced combination of the eccentric, Saruman-scorned nature boy and the more-than-human Istari who will traipse into the ruins of Dol Goldur to investigate the source of the evil influence in the region, and face off with the phantasmic being there.

    1. David,
      Thanks for commenting. I have not read The Hobbit. We gave the book to me dad for Christmas. I will borrow it after he reads it.

      Some friends had commented about the movie in the positive, that is what caught my attention upon reading Frank’s piece. Since I cannot comment on the specifics, I may only compare the differences to the way our location and context inform our interpretation. This is what intrigued me as these sorts of differences are regularly in play when we Christians read the Sacred Text.

      You have piqued my curiosity even more. I will have to see the movie after reading the book.

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