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Running To

Howard Fineman’s article in the Huffington Post was titled, Running Toward the Screams on Patriot’s Day. He wrote the piece on Monday, just hours after.

We now have another day for which we will ask each other, “Where were you when?” Not unlike the questions in our recent … Continue reading

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Some Interesting Huffington Post Reads

Here are three posts I found compelling over the past week while taking a break from writing here. What are your thoughts? And please, let’s discuss the content of the article and not our opinions about the authors.

The Debacle that is the movie version of The Hobbit

The Continue reading

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Underneath the Tunic or, What Do Rachel Held Evans and Rob Bell Have In Common?

Equal treatment. Rachel Held Evans and Rob Bell suffered the same hammer when facing the prospects of offering a different vision for how we talk about others in relationship to our pronouncements as final. For many the hammer is the only tool in the box and everyone who disagrees, … Continue reading

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