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If They Are Still Tallying Votes . . . UPDATE

UPDATE: The polls are still open. Head over and vote!

Generally we know when the polls close. In this contest I am not sure. So, in the event the polls over at SBC Voices are still open for voting in their SBC Blue Collar Blog Madness 2012 Edition, … Continue reading

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My Campaign Coordinators – Down to the Wire

My friend Jeff once told me, “All great men have two girls.” Now I understand his bias stemmed from the fact he is Daddy to two daughters. I also know he got this line from another of our friends who also has two daughters. If we are not great … Continue reading

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Vote for Me Again – Really

Sweet Sixteen! Could this be a bracket buster? Yes, you helped me advance to the round of 16 in SBCVoices’ Blue Collar Blog Madness. Let’s see if you can help me advance to the next round. Click over and vote in the Southwest Region. Tweet it. Facebook … Continue reading

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