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David “@fitchest” Fitch Points to Material Realities in Proclamation

“Did they offer a clear presentation of the Gospel?” I ruminate on this question posed by a friend years ago. You could say it was a litmus test for trusting new voices. I am sure my friend intended, “Did they get it right about Jesus?” I think.

On the one hand the question seemed to imply all Gospel proclamation is necessarily the same, not context needed. On the other hand, the question pointed to a need to understand how the Gospel intersects real life. There is no singular presentation. What is clear about the Gospel in one setting, may not be so clear in another.

Despite the questions raised by Brian McLaren’s recent writing projects he wrote More Ready Than You Realize to describe the ways the Gospel may be proclaimed without necessarily learning a script, offering a canned program. Read More

Weekly Wrap – Maybe You Missed These Posts

I don’t miss the Bactrim. The side effects may have been as deleterious as two surgical procedures. Your week may have been much better and busier. Here is a recap of this week’s posts. Maybe you will catch some of the subtleties.

OU Football Challenge Accepted – Rick Davis threw the gauntlet, I picked it up. At this point in the game, OU is up 20-2. Here’s to hoping Davis has to wear the crimson and cream on his blog next week. UPDATE: OU hangs a half a hundred on the Horns.

What Would I Have Said Yesterday – The body would have none of it. My body that is. After nearly two weeks of taking Bactrim post two surgical procedures I succumbed to some of the more severe reactions to the antibiotic. The dizziness and nausea got me yesterday morning. By the evening I had a rash from head to toe. My eyes appeared to swell. Children might have been horrified. Who knows?

The Ethics of Eyewear: Glasses Are Expensive or, Why BonLook – People live under the illusion and are quite happy about it.

Brian McLaren, James MacDonald, and The Elephant – Part 1 – Few things bewilder more than the apparent contradiction in responses toward high profile Christian leaders. It seems the trigger for public outcry turns on what is said, not what is done.

Brian McLaren, James MacDonald, The Elephant – Part 2 – Since for many it is in bounds to assume the worst about Brian McLaren and then go public with accusations of heresy, that he has left orthodoxy, and may not be Christian, let’s return the favor and suggest that despite his long track in ministry we assume the worst about James MacDonald. We may conclude he says all the right things but his vision of power and money do not inform him to do the proper things.

Brian McLaren, Rick Warren, Christian Identity – McLaren, like Warren, is interested in Christian mission. There will not be many true believers who could accept the two could possibly share similar visions at any point on the spectrum.

Wall Art – Saturday Photo – Wall Art in Creede



Brian McLaren, Rick Warren, Christian Identity

Recently Pew Research pointed to an increase of the “Nones.” Those who, when queried, noted no religious affiliation. The response to the news seems to be varied. Ed Stetzer, President of Lifeway Research, often looks for both the concern and the possibility when referencing Lifeway Research findings, or reports from other research groups. He weighed in on the Pew Research report here. He concludes his reflections,

So, as society moves away from Christian identification, let’s meet them on the road and say, “We did not believe in that expression of Christianity anyway. Let me tell you about Jesus and how he changes everything.”

Stetzer believes the current religious climate allows Christians the opportunity to address the matter of Christian identity. Ed picks a theme that for some is packed into the descriptor post-Christendom. You may quibble with the definition or description of Christian identity that Ed would put forward, but that he recognizes the issue turns on, “What is a Christian,” puts him in interesting company. Read More

Brian McLaren, James MacDonald, and The Elephant, Part 1

Few things bewilder more than the apparent contradiction in responses toward high profile Christian leaders. It seems the trigger for public outcry turns on what is said, not what is done. I am reminded of the parable of the two sons. One told his father he would go work the field but did not. The other told his father he would not but later did. One son knew the right things to say but not the proper thing to do. The other did not say the right thing but did the proper thing.

You want to get the Evangelical establishment up in arms, invite them to cross the road with Brian McLaren. There is little doubt the content of Brian’s new book will spur even more vitriol his direction. Many will feel a hubristic sense of affirmation that Brian has indeed gone the bridge too far. Few will entertain his project that Jesus-y people ought to learn to get along with everyone, even those with whom they disagree.

Writing this piece will confirm in some minds I have lost mine. Read More

The SBC Menagerie – Al Mohler the New Bogeyman?

(I wrote part of this weeks ago. Reading today prompted me to pluck it from the dustbin and muse afresh.)

Anyone observing the Southern Baptist Convention for the past 30 or so years may readily “get” the reference to an SBC menagerie. Even my skeptic/formerly Christian friends who often find plenty of fodder for illustrating the obtuse in religious theology and practice would agree we are quite the collection of animals.

Originally I was ready to excoriate some illustrations that recently were on display at the Annual Meeting. That was until I watched a video of my friend Doug Pagitt titled, “ Douche Bags, Idiots, and Fools Are Ruining Our World” I know, couldn’t I clean up the title? I thought about invoking the in/famous Tony Campolo incident. “You are likely more offended I said [ ] than . . . .”

Some of my SBC friends and readers will immediately turn off and tune out because I mention Doug Pagitt. He is one of the many who fit a Zizekain object petit a for the SBC. These aggressive denouncers find a perverse jubilation, jouissance, at railing on those considered part of the Emerging/emerging church. Read More