Weekly Wrap – Maybe You Missed These Posts

I don’t miss the Bactrim. The side effects may have been as deleterious as two surgical procedures. Your week may have been much better and busier. Here is a recap of this week’s posts. Maybe you will catch some of the subtleties.

OU Football Challenge Accepted – Rick Davis threw the gauntlet, I picked it up. At this point in the game, OU is up 20-2. Here’s to hoping Davis has to wear the crimson and cream on his blog next week. UPDATE: OU hangs a half a hundred on the Horns.

What Would I Have Said Yesterday – The body would have none of it. My body that is. After nearly two weeks of taking Bactrim post two surgical procedures I succumbed to some of the more severe reactions to the antibiotic. The dizziness and nausea got me yesterday morning. By the evening I had a rash from head to toe. My eyes appeared to swell. Children might have been horrified. Who knows?

The Ethics of Eyewear: Glasses Are Expensive or, Why BonLook – People live under the illusion and are quite happy about it.

Brian McLaren, James MacDonald, and The Elephant – Part 1 – Few things bewilder more than the apparent contradiction in responses toward high profile Christian leaders. It seems the trigger for public outcry turns on what is said, not what is done.

Brian McLaren, James MacDonald, The Elephant – Part 2 – Since for many it is in bounds to assume the worst about Brian McLaren and then go public with accusations of heresy, that he has left orthodoxy, and may not be Christian, let’s return the favor and suggest that despite his long track in ministry we assume the worst about James MacDonald. We may conclude he says all the right things but his vision of power and money do not inform him to do the proper things.

Brian McLaren, Rick Warren, Christian Identity – McLaren, like Warren, is interested in Christian mission. There will not be many true believers who could accept the two could possibly share similar visions at any point on the spectrum.

Wall Art – Saturday Photo – Wall Art in Creede



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