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Kidney stones are no laughing matter. After dealing with stones for nearly two weeks, I will retract the notion they should have been included in imprecatory psalms as they do violence to the insides. Some of those days under the influence of Percocet I was able to catch up on some reading and clip some articles to read later.

Those of you who offered prayers for my well-being are to be thanked. Maybe you missed these posts amidst your busy schedule this week. Catch these before you favorite college team takes the grid iron today.

Signs, Small Houses, Church, and Gospel Math

For these young families what ranks higher on their scale is the ability to work less and enjoy more.You could say they have decided against what some refer to as indentured servitude by debt. Others desire sustainability and an environmentally friendly footprint.

Our participation in a life that benefits and blesses others in  ways the prompt these, often, painful experiences give material expression to our conviction Jesus the Messiah is here – and is to come. It is to believe we can live without the excess that captivates and shackles us because we have heard the Good News the King has come and set captives free.

Often arguments about the quality of a person’s life turns on the issue of productivity in society. Think issues related to euthanasia. Those of us approaching the downhill side of life’s mountain often wonder at what point will we become the next cultural throwaway. Many long to have control over when that happens rather than leave it to another to decide.
Children call into question the argument from production as the means to value human life. In as much as children may produce moments of joy, they may also be the source of great heartache. If we are measuring in economic terms, they produce nada. Even more, they are the objects of Madison Avenue’s attempt to get at your coin, your money. In that way they not only do not produce, they help extract your hard earned cash.
He knows what he is singing. We don’t. One of these days we will understand what he is singing when he gets his consonants and vowels in an order that reaches our ears. In the meantime, clips of either Cohen or Max are never long enough. Here is our singer and ukulele player in, Cohen Alan Live.
Last week while I was clipping items to read I was intrigued by this one by Len Hjalmarsonmissional, post-Newbigin. I wonder what those gathered in Kansas City would say? How would they respond to the idea that we may have not read Newbigin deeply enough, or even rightly? Would it scuttle him in the pantheon of missional thinkers? Or, would we be compelled to make some adjustments?
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