Do the Next Right Thing: King’s Legacy as Metaphor with Adam Clark

Guilt paralyzes. We suffer beneath the weight of what we have done. The mental and emotional real estate guilt takes up in our lives often leaves us handicapping our next decision.… Continue reading

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What Would Lyle Say About the Rob Bell Stir?

I imagine a lively discussion with Lyle over Rob Bell’s new book, Love Wins. There is little doubt we would chat about the implications of Rob’s recent round of interviews as we awaited the arrival of the book from Amazon. Like everyone else we would consider his statements … Continue reading

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Character or Orientation – Webster on Piper on God

The folks at Upstream Collective pointed to this post by Derek Webster. This came to mind when thinking back over the message offered yesterday at Snow Hill. The text was David’s indulgence in power to take another man’s wife and then have him killed. Troubling dissonance enters the … Continue reading

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