Character or Orientation – Webster on Piper on God

The folks at Upstream Collective pointed to this post by Derek Webster. This came to mind when thinking back over the message offered yesterday at Snow Hill. The text was David’s indulgence in power to take another man’s wife and then have him killed. Troubling dissonance enters the equation when we set this incident side by side with the description that David was a man after God’s own heart.

Either we are comparing David’s character to God’s or we are pointing out the orientation of David’s heart. Certainly we would not define the character of God by the fickle acts of a human being – though many do just that as criticism of God. Rather, what may be at work is a description of a Godward heart. David maintains his desire to seek God’s face, uphold his ways, and point to them in his songs despite his failing. In other words, he is undeterred by his own failing to continue plodding Godward. His heart is bent toward God – “after God’s heart.”

I think you will find Webster’s post interesting and challenging.

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