Christ the King Sunday

Advent Cometh Looking for an Ironic Community

Three celebrations occur(ed) this week. Sunday some Christian congregations took time to consider the reign of Christ on Christ the King Sunday. Thursday we celebrate Thanksgiving. And then there is Black Friday. No one really wants to read the preacher rehashing what the preacher preached when he last … Continue reading

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Not of This World – For Christ the King Sunday

Attention has turned to Christmas. We have yet to reach Advent. The disjointed feeling may stem from just how much we need to recognize Jesus’ Kingdom is not of this world. Maybe, that we should let Jesus deconstruct our visions of kingdom.


Christmas Kingdoms from The Work Of Continue reading

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Thumping Me With Your Bible

I carried mine to school. After all, it was one of my textbooks. Brother C, we called him, taught Bible History at Northwest Classen High School. In Cotton Patch Bible style, Bro. C would use imagery from the popular, if not scandalous, world of Championship Wrestling to amplify … Continue reading

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