2 Years and 8 Months – A Family Mashup

No April Fools here. Two years ago today we were in Eureka Springs, AK. We took in the sites, played golf, and hung out with family. But, we were there for something more. Tommie and Jason exchanged vows, rings, and commitments to one another.

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Friday Photo – Introducing Oikoshandmade

I want to be creative. I try to be creative. But alas, most of the time the best I can do is enjoy those who are and celebrate their gifts to us.

Our two girls inherited their mother’s creativity. And, that is a good thing. Our oldest, Kimberly, … Continue reading

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Oops, Friday Photo

Thursday Craig and Kimberly celebrated their 5th Wedding Anniversary. Normally not interested in getting his photo taken, Craig consented outside the Pea Ridge National Military Park. We stopped on our way home from Tommie and Jason’s wedding in Eureka Springs in April. Congratulations y0u two!

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