David Fitch

Below the Surface with Rob Bell’s Love Wins

Another short tease. If Fitch is right, Bell’s book, Love Wins, could easily be an “irruption of the Real.” Now that does not mean to suggest Bell offers the “Real” theology, or that his book offers the “true/right story.” It does, however, mean that the antagonisms represented … Continue reading

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Rob Bell Reveals Antagonisms in Love Wins

David Fitch’s new book, The End of Evangelicalism may well provide something of a hermeneutical approach to Rob Bell’s Love Wins. The quick tease. Fitch appropriates Zizek to offer a critique of “evangelicalism.” He takes the reader through Zizek and points out the way ideology functions. Once and … Continue reading

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Lyle Reflects on Habits Forming Us

I would have enjoyed introducing Lyle to the writing of David Fitch. After all, he did read Mark Noll. And, if he knew that Fitch’s latest book references Noll a bit, I am certain he would be intrigued.

But, the greater teaser would be to tell Lyle that David … Continue reading

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