Divine Conspirator

Conspiring Goodness, Conspirators, and Character – Dallas Willard

Ironic language subverts our givens. Divine and conspiracy seem as likely to be title companions as chaos and order. When Jimmy gave me a copy of The Divine Conspiracy: Rediscovering Our Hidden Life in God, I recall feeling a bit of vertigo. That was 1998.

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Congratulations Natalie!

β€œIt is just a formality,” I replied to her. Natalie thought it a bit premature that I refer to her as my favorite lawyer. She had not received her scores from the BAR. That was two weeks ago. Natalie came to town to visit her mother, Evette, who is … Continue reading

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Six Years Later . . . The Early Conspirator

To say six years lapsed in a town our size without ever crossing Lyle’s path would be inaccurate. School events always put us in proximity. I am sure we chatted here and there.

Late in the summer of 2002 Lyle, Evette, and Nathan began visiting Snow Hill. Natalie had … Continue reading

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Coming . . . A Tribute to the Divine Conspirator

Five years ago I made copies of Lyle’s blog posts after he suffered a fatal heart attack. I delivered one copy to CB and Janet, his parents. Recently I moved offices and saw my copy in my bookcase. In recognition of his friendship I will begin at least a … Continue reading

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