Congratulations Natalie!

“It is just a formality,” I replied to her. Natalie thought it a bit premature that I refer to her as my favorite lawyer. She had not received her scores from the BAR. That was two weeks ago. Natalie came to town to visit her mother, Evette, who is our secretary at Snow Hill. Of course she did not mind catching up with her brother, Nathan, a local favorite musician.

Today Evette came in to confirm my suspicions. Natalie passed the BAR. Indeed she is my favorite lawyer. The news is bittersweet. Her Dad, Lyle, died before she graduated from Wheaton. He would have been shouting this morning. Proud as ever.

So, on behalf of Lyle, join me in celebrating with Natalie – Congratulations!

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3 comments on “Congratulations Natalie!

  1. Natalie says:

    You described it perfectly – bittersweet. I play the “I wonder what Dad would think about…” game a lot. Especially with this election cycle. But…this time I don’t have to wonder since I’m sure he’s proud! 🙂

    Thanks Todd!

    1. Natalie,
      There is little doubt your Dad is proud of both of his children.

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