Not Just Tornadoes and Drought – Earthquakes Too

The Oklahoma Geological Observatory reported more than forty earthquakes in the past seven days (to May 12, 2013). Who knew?! Many of these ground-breaking events go unnoticed, except at the point of origin.

We are in tornado season here in flyover country. When these storms fire up my coastal … Continue reading

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Prayers for Guatemala – Friday Photo

Soon we will make plans for our March trip to Guatemala to work with local pastors. Upon hearing of the recent earthquake I have been thinking of those young men who will serve the needs of those in their areas affected. Even if the quake were miles away, there … Continue reading

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Why Should Lyle Care?

Six years ago the crisis of the day was New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. Today the crisis is Japan. Both demonstrated an incredible power in natural disasters. The chain reaction of events set off in Northern Japan can hardly be fathomed – earthquake, tsunami, (potential) nuclear meltdown as … Continue reading

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No Earthquake . . . Oops . . .

Last week I received a hand delivered letter from God the Father from Joanne. Now I was always taught that the veracity of a prophecy depended on it coming to pass. Someone purporting to hear from God asserted the New Madrid Earthquake would break our nation apart on February … Continue reading

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