Dad, Transmission, and Translatability, Part 1

What does electric power transmission have to do with faith, the Gospel, and pastoring? I am sure the other 60 people in the room wondered after Dad announced I had come to be his guest at the recent Frontiers of Power Conference, the 43rd version. Truth be told I … Continue reading

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Faith at the Edge: A Book for Doubters

Distinguishing doubt is important. Sometimes we doubt ourselves. Other times we doubt others. Even on occasion we doubt God. We may not doubt God’s existence. We may doubt his presence, his nearness. As a young boy I wrestled with doubt. I really never doubted if there were a god. … Continue reading

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God is Not Your Personal Echo Chamber in the Sky

Another reason why I continue to read Leonard Pitts Jr.

“The point is not that he or we can do what Martin Luther King did or be who Mother Teresa was — we all suffer in that comparison. No, the point is that truest faith is not seen

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Theoblogging Mashup – Philip Clayton and Harve Cox

mashupimageCross-pollination. Intersections. Peanut butter and chocolate. Theology and Science. Faith and Culture. Right and Left. Clayton and Cox. Here at The Edge of the Inside we never shy away from reading divergent opinions and engaging different perspectives. Just last week we mashed a little N.T. Wright with Derrida in … Continue reading

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Theology and Context – Bob “Good Point” Hyatt

N.T. Wright uses the “steering wheel” to make some good points about justification in his new book, Justification: God’s Plan & Paul’s Vision. Arguing for reading the words translated “righteousness” in the Old and New Testaments in their historic contexts, Wright suggests we may have found a shorthand … Continue reading

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